Moving Day: Gremlin Edition.

I… haven’t been keeping up here like I should, have I?

Regardless, just here to gloat. About a month ago, Shamus Young announced on his blog, Twenty-Sided Tale, that he would be moving and as a result, he would be without internet for several days. Cue much complaining about ISPs and how their service is awful and their policies for changing that service are even worse.

I don’t know what ISP Shamus Young has, but I have Century Link, and today is moving day for me.

I’m posting this from my new apartment. I called the ISP on Monday, talked with the agent for less than half an hour including hold times, and informed them I would be relocating on November 6-10, and asked if they could get the internet turned on over here on the 6th and off over there on the 7th. Agent said “Sure, no problem.”

So let’s see, shall we?
Price: Century Link costs half what Comcast does. Advantage: Century Link.
Service: Century Link gives me 2x the download speed and 0.5x the upload speed that Comcast advertises. Well I guess the difference there is whether you’re watching or hosting. Me? I’m mostly watching. Advantage: Century Link.
Quality of service: I have had ONE outage with Century Link, and it lasted eight hours. Six of those were while I was asleep. I’ve never used Comcast, but from what I hear, their service reliability is, shall we say, spotty at best. Advantage: Century Link.
Changes to contract: I just wrote a post about this. Advantage: Century Link.

Looks like a clean sweep to me.