Fun With Procedural Images part 2

I’d love to say that the reason I haven’t made any posts for the past week is because I’ve been hard at work on my game engine, but no.  Actually what happened is that I started watching Breaking Bad, and while it wasn’t good enough that I would recommend it to anyone, it wasn’t bad enough for me to abandon it, either.

But that’s unimportant.  This post is in the “Programming” category, which means we’ll be talking about programming!

So as you can probably guess from the incredibly dry and unreadable last post, I’m not terribly happy with parts of my image generation library.  It’s monolithic, messy, disorganized, difficult to maintain, and lacking certain key features.  When faced with a challenge like this, most programmers…

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Thinking Out Loud

When working on math homework, I would sometimes encounter a problem where either I didn’t know how to proceed, or I thought I had the process right but the numbers at the ends weren’t adding up.  When this happens, it usually means you’ve missed a small detail somewhere, and the best plan is usually to call for help.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter who you get help from, because the first thing you’re going to do is explain the problem you’re having and the process you’ve been using.  During the explanation, you’ll typically discover exactly what you did wrong, and more often than not you could literally be talking to a brick wall and it would be just as helpful as a genius with multiple Doctorate degrees in the field of the problem you’re having.  So if you don’t mind, I’ll just think out loud for a while.  This is going to be pretty dry, and I don’t expect to post a lot of pictures, but we’ll see.

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Dependants and Dependencies

Well I WAS going to come here and make another post about my procedural image system, which of course requires that I finish putting it back together after trying to make it load files properly.  Unfortunately, I also noticed that there was a new version of the D compiler out, so I decided to go ahead and update to that.

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Day Eight!

Your usual host is back any day now!  I know I was bad yesterday, but they had me working a closing shift, followed by an opening shift, which was quite lame and taxing.  But good news!  I finally have time to blog!  Bad news, I have nothing to write about today!

Holy Cats


“This is totally the face you’d make if I had anything useful to say.  You can make it anyway to humor me.”

I think this weekend I will continue on my journey to make a Charmander (not mine, Nintendo’s) hoody!  I’ll let you know later if it doesn’t totally suck.