Moving Day: Gremlin Edition.

I… haven’t been keeping up here like I should, have I?

Regardless, just here to gloat. About a month ago, Shamus Young announced on his blog, Twenty-Sided Tale, that he would be moving and as a result, he would be without internet for several days. Cue much complaining about ISPs and how their service is awful and their policies for changing that service are even worse.

I don’t know what ISP Shamus Young has, but I have Century Link, and today is moving day for me.

I’m posting this from my new apartment. I called the ISP on Monday, talked with the agent for less than half an hour including hold times, and informed them I would be relocating on November 6-10, and asked if they could get the internet turned on over here on the 6th and off over there on the 7th. Agent said “Sure, no problem.”

So let’s see, shall we?
Price: Century Link costs half what Comcast does. Advantage: Century Link.
Service: Century Link gives me 2x the download speed and 0.5x the upload speed that Comcast advertises. Well I guess the difference there is whether you’re watching or hosting. Me? I’m mostly watching. Advantage: Century Link.
Quality of service: I have had ONE outage with Century Link, and it lasted eight hours. Six of those were while I was asleep. I’ve never used Comcast, but from what I hear, their service reliability is, shall we say, spotty at best. Advantage: Century Link.
Changes to contract: I just wrote a post about this. Advantage: Century Link.

Looks like a clean sweep to me.


5 thoughts on “Moving Day: Gremlin Edition.

  1. Woo, internet!

    We have had Bresnan/Optimum/Charter for 5 years or so and have been very happy with them, though they really need to pick a name and stick with it.

  2. I don’t know if you still check in here or not, you don’t have a contact address, and I don’t want to high-jack one of ‘Angels threads – but I finished TTGL. Not having broad band at the house, I tried to watch on my breaks. Didn’t have much luck there. I finally found a site that had a dubbed version, and it worked with Flash Video Downloader. Granted, it lost a little in translation, but it allowed me to follow it better. I enjoyed it. There are things that I thought could have been done differently, but it had more to do with the style of Anime – mostly over the top goofiness of some characters.
    “Kick logic to the curb, and do the impossible!”

    Thanks for the tip.

    Whitehall, NY

    • I really should be more active here. I also have a TTGL draft that I’ve had in the works for about a year that I should finish and post.

      If Crunchyroll isn’t working out for you for bandwidth reasons, a somewhat “gray area” solution would be to download episodes or series with Bit Torrent.

      The people who made TTGL have something of a reputation for over-the-top goofiness mixed in with solid writing and animation, and it’s for this reason that when a brand new studio called “Studio Trigger” opened and announced their flagship production, the anime known as “Kill La Kill” became a must-watch series immediately for all TTGL fans. Both are described by an anime reviewer known as Arkada as being “Stufective. Stupid… yet effective.” Kill La Kill is available on Crunchyroll and you can probably find it on the site you found to watch Gurren Lagann. If the basic premise of Gurren Lagann was “boy from underground city finds ancient super robot,” then the basic premise of Kill La Kill is “orphan girl-dilenquent looking for her father’s killer challenges president of a school with heavy Nazi overtones.” (the very first lines of the series are literally about Hitler’s rise to power.) That, and “Clothing is fascist.”

      If you’d like something with a more serious tone which is also highly regarded, I can strongly recommend “Darker Than Black.” If you’d like something with a completely different tone, my personal favorite anime of all time is called “Spice And Wolf.” If you would like something that’s kind of a more down-to-earth version of Gurren Lagann, check out “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou,” and then help me convince Angel to watch it once you’re done.

  3. My problem is only having dial-up at the house. People really bitch when I start ripping vids at work, because I hog the band-width.
    I downloaded TTGL from AnimeSelect ( ) using their “download” button. Kill la Kill was a little problematic, as I has to use a combination of their app and FVD for FireFox due to not all files being mp4 – some were flash player or mpeg. Oh well, I got them and will start working my way through them. I pulled down the other selections you suggested as well – including the expansions : DTB – GotM and SaW – II .
    My kids all loved Gurren Lagann, The two movies were a little confusing for them, but having watched the series helped.

    I pulled down a couple of episode-one clips from a couple different series.
    Hand Maid was decent, but ended abruptly and left more questions than answers. I get the feeling it was canceled.
    The next was His and Her Circumstances. My teenage girls absolutely love it so far. While not a subject that would appeal to me initially, I admit it has a good story and is well done. I just wish they wouldn’t spend five minutes of each episode rehashing everything that transpired up to that point – otherwise they could make better progress with the story.
    Want to be the Strongest in the World was another, I am going to have to pull a couple more down to figure if I get the rest. Just a whole lot of gratuitous crotch shots for a family setting.
    There was another that I tried to watch, but it was a mix of cheesy CGI and anime… just didn’t go well together. It was absolutely forgettable.
    I’ll let you know how Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is received at home.

    Be well.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. Darker Than Black: Geminii of the Meteor is good IMO, but a lot of fans of the first series didn’t like it as much. The ending is a bit weak. Minor spoiler: being stripped of his Contractor powers doesn’t slow Hei down one bit. If anything, he’s more dangerous when he doesn’t have the option of pretending he’s a TASER.
    Spice and Wolf season 2 is a continuation of season 1. Everyone wishes they would make a season 3.

    Hand Maid May(I assume) and His and Her Circumstances I haven’t seen, but I would strongly urge you to watch both before letting your kids go much further if you haven’t already. As you’re starting to learn, anime tend to have a lot more adult content than western cartoons, and I know of at least a couple which are actually intended to be educational for young married couples. Including sexual content.

    Strongest In The World is honestly skippable. It’s not very good overall and consists mostly of cheap boob and crotch shots and a lot of grunting. I would never have recommended that for a family setting. On that topic, you may have gathered this already(from “clothing is fascist), but please preview at least the first 4 or 5 episodes of Kill La Kill before letting your family watch it. Senketsu and Junketsu don’t leave much to the imagination, and one of the factions literally goes by the name “Nudist Beach.”

    Let me see if I can send you an E-mail.

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