Fun with Procedural Images: Back to Square One.

November 1-3 this year, there was an event called the Colorado Springs Startup Weekend.  It’s not annual, because there were two this year, but this was the second one.  I perhaps was not the kind of person they usually expect to have there, but I attended with plans to learn about starting a company and maybe show off what I could do, and I achieved everything I had initially set out to do.  OK, mostly.

Most notably, I ended up working on a program that had some rudimentary GUI functionality, which meant I had to refine and learn some new portions of how the user interfaces with the computer.  Particularly, a mouse, and panes.  Hey wait, I can do mouse inputs now!  That means no more of this:

The worst way to make pictures

The worst way to make pictures

It’s time for this!

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Werkkzeug 4, by Farbrausch, who are awesome.

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