Day Five: What Happened To Day Four?

Life did.  Life, and work.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in random calls to come into work on my regularly scheduled days off.  I’m mildly disgruntled, but my paycheck rejoices.  More importantly, I’m feeling a little frazzled and low on energy.  Naturally it’s time for… AN ADVENTURE!!!

What kind of adventure, you ask?  It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s something new.  It occurs to me not everyone knows how to adventure like we do, so I thought I would go through a couple of our adventures for the unlearned, ignorant, or just plain new adventurer out there.

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Fun With Procedural Images

Screenshot from Farbrausch's "The Product" 64kb demo

Screenshot from Farbrausch’s “The Product” 64kb demo

Many, many years ago, a German group known as Farbrausch created a rather impressive piece of software, known as The Product, a 64-kilobyte executable which produces, without the aid of a network connection or any additional files, a short, real-time rendered music video advertising all of the great things “The Product” can do.

The really cool thing is that at 64 kilobytes, the file itself is almost smaller than the download request, and it’s old enough that virtually every (windows) PC available today can run it flawlessly.

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I was inspired to start here partly because of Shamus Young, owner of the entertaining and informative Twenty-Sided Tale blog.  Seriously, go check him out.

Shamus is a good programmer, and like any good programmer, when he gets bored, he likes to write little experimental coding projects.  Currently he’s working on a game called “Project Good Robot,” which is shaping up into something I would REALLY like to play.  The cool thing about Shamus is that when he does these coding projects, he posts about them.  It’s all very educational, and a lot of fun to read, and Shamus really has a talent for explaining high-level technical stuff in a way that anybody can understand.  Reading through his earlier projects would really be a good way to gain some solid practical knowledge for beginning programmers.  Or anybody who would like to be a beginning programmer.  Or anybody who’s curious about the arcane arts of “Computer Science” and would like a peek behind the curtain.

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