Do you ever have difficulty getting motivated?  Life ever get you down?

I’ve got just the thing!  So…

Come with me!

Come with me!

You know what they say.

You mean you've never tried?

You mean you’ve never tried?


I thought you'd like it

I thought you’d like it

Well then, I’ll just…

Dude, lighten up!

Dude, lighten up!

I thought you’d take it better than that.  But that’s OK, because

horizon archdevils are easy

Don’t leave now.  Didn’t you know that


Who's having fun now?

Who’s having fun now?

I can see what you’re saying.



But sometimes, you’ve just got to go for broke.


I’d wish you luck, but…

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

Just know when to fold ’em

nyaruko-san agreement

Haiyore Nyaruko San. Nyarko on the left, Mahiro on the right, and they NEVER AGREE ON ANYTHING!

Now if you’ll excuse me

Doom doom doom

Doom doom doom

Well I had fun.

And they don't!

And they don’t!


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