Day Six: Rainy Day Boxes

Finally a day off and all I can think about is more ways to not feel spectacularly spent after a stressful work week.  Yesterday I went for adventures, today I think I’d like to tackle Rainy Day Boxes.  What is a Rainy Day Box, I make you ask?  I’m so happy I forced you to inquire!

A Rainy Day Box is simply a box in which you place something that might make a friend or family member smile, then give it to them to help fend off the darkness of depression or even just to ease the pain of a particularly rough day/week/month/year/decade.  The box can be any size and house anything at all, as long as it’s personal and will bring that other person some delight.

So for example, say you have a friend who is dealing with chronic and prolonged depression.  Put something humorous or even, dare I say it?, touching in a box.  Then put that box in another box, mail it to yourself, then when it arrives, SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!  Ahem!  What I mean to say is that you can then decorate the box (or if you used origami to make your own box, that part is covered) and/or write witty, pithy and pleasing things on the outside.  Then give the recipient the instructions:  Simply open when they feel like life has just kicked them at the junction between leg and torso, or if they feel like maybe they never want to leave the house again.  From there, when they finally sink low enough to open the box, you have already buoyed their spirits, and lifted their hopes!  Thus forestalling that 4:00 am drunken phone call we all know and love.

Drunk Lady

“That’s right, friend!  You needn’t be on the other end of this call with a little forethought, cunning, and human decency!”

That is why I, for one, enjoy both giving and receiving Rainy Day Boxes.  For everyone who knows that the darkest time is just before dawn, and it really sucks getting a weepy phone call just then.


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