Day Five: What Happened To Day Four?

Life did.  Life, and work.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in random calls to come into work on my regularly scheduled days off.  I’m mildly disgruntled, but my paycheck rejoices.  More importantly, I’m feeling a little frazzled and low on energy.  Naturally it’s time for… AN ADVENTURE!!!

What kind of adventure, you ask?  It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s something new.  It occurs to me not everyone knows how to adventure like we do, so I thought I would go through a couple of our adventures for the unlearned, ignorant, or just plain new adventurer out there.

Plain Old Adventure!

Set out in a car or on foot.  Where to?  Find a road or a trail or a neighborhood you’ve never been all the way along or through and head out!  This option should usually include the whole party  friends (Just remember not to split the party up.  The gm will jump all over you if you do Someone might get lost.).  That way when you discover something new you have someone who was there with you, and also with whom to exchange sarcastic remarks.  It’s also a good idea to take pictures so you can bore the people who didn’t come along to tears.

Sunny Road

The world is your oyster.  Or was that potato?  Either way, let’s have chowder!


Picturesque, sure.  But you better run.  Bears have like 27 Strength big claws and hideous tempers, sometimes.

Scary Tunnel

Scary, non-consensual-intercourse tunnels are a big thing here and quite the popular architectural feature.  I think there are vampires in there.  But the worst they’ll do is sparkle at you.

Mad Science Adventures!

These are ridiculously frequent when a bunch of us get together (mostly clockworkgremlin, Milli, and myself).  Ever wondered what really happens when you microwave an egg?  Or what happens if you put a CD in the microwave?  Microwave (insert non-living item here, that CAN include vampires)?  Haha!  Yeah.  But also can include weird crafts, like, say, making boobs out of candle gel, or trying to get sealing wax to combust!  Pretty much anything can do, as long as it’s something that catches your interest.


Eggs are not only a great source of protein, but also amazingly full of science.


The microwave is my favorite scientific tool.  Mine rarely looks like this, but when it does it has been proceeded by uncalculable levels of sheer awesome.

Glass Gem Volcano

Remember that chemistry is fun!  And deliciously messy.  Especially so at your parent’s house.

Craft Adventures!

No, we’re not talking adventures with mac’n’cheese here (although I suppose it could be included).  It’s surprisingly rewarding to make something you’ve never made before.  Learning new crafts can also make it so that you can be super, duper cheap with Christmas presents, come the holiday seasons!  It’s kind of amazing.


Pencils and paper are inexpensive, and with enough practice, you too can draw disembodied heads that look like they can strangle someone!

Origami Box

Origami can be both the gift AND the wrapping.  I know it has saved me having to make an extra purchase during the Christmas season.  (On a side note, if you have a good friend who is having a rough time, origami boxes make perfect Rainy Day Boxes which I may have to go into later.)  It’s also made out of wood and you can make stakes to take on any vampires that get too bright and cause glare on your screen.


Crochet is (apparently) awesome for making Cthulhu Winston Churchill’s!  And other fun things, but that’s the one I care about.

So go forth and adventure.  As our war-cry says:  FOR TOILETS AND FOOD!!!


2 thoughts on “Day Five: What Happened To Day Four?

  1. I need to get invited along to more of your plain-old adventures. Also I have a few craft adventures we need to embark upon.

    The mad science is, of course, always a given.

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