Day Three: Retail Isn’t All Fun And Games

Sometimes it’s chalk-full of stupid as well.

I work at a cell phone kiosk that abuts an electronics section of a store, so we get all kinds.  The electronic associates and wireless associates hang out and together we have put together a list of some of the more… charming things customers have said.

Prerequisite information:  Both the electronic section and cell stand surround a jewelry counter.  We have an easy-to-spot, well-known uniform.  The only carriers we supply phones for in our location are ATT, Sprint and Verizon.  We have plastic dummy displays because someone somewhere doesn’t like having all their demo phones stolen (wuss).  We do have several live devices that have security devices.


  • Asking about TV’s:  What’s the difference between 32″ and 40″ and don’t tell me 8″!
  • Reads my name tag:  Oh!  Connection Center!  Do you work in jewelry then?
  • Eyeing the phones:  So, you guys have a deal that starts in two weeks.  I want it now.
  • Stares at my vest:  Do you work here?
  • We are running an event that waives activation and upgrade fees:  If you are waiving activation and upgrade fees, what if I upgrade?
  • Reading a sign about water resistance:  How much is a meter?
  • Without any frame of reference:  Will this fit in my car?
  • Also with no frame of reference:  Will Sprint work in my house?
  • Looking concerned;  I saw an “on-line only” ad.  Do you have the item in store to look at?
  • Seriously:  How much is this at Best Buy?  Can you Google that?
  • Hands us a demo camera with a security device severed off it:  Your security system is broken.  This came right off in my hand!
  • Poking a dummy phone:  Your phones don’t work!
  • Customer waving a phone case at me:  This is a phone right?
  • Delighted customer:  On the Verizon plan, we’ll have enough unlimited minutes to use all month!
  • Customer talking to her mother:  This is the phone with the megapixels!
  • Setting off the iPhone alarms:  If this alarm goes off again, how do I turn it off?
  • Customer with a device that’s not working:  My phone has been giving me problems.  I was hoping when I came back to a higher altitude it would work right again.  It’s not!!!
  • Picking up some of the dummy phones:  It feels really good in my hands!
  • From a tremendously unappealing customer:  I wish you was my girlfriend to get me on a phone plan.
  • Customer flocking with friends to the electronics section:  This is the electronical stuff!

And that is all the ones that translated easily.  The others mostly only make sense to people who spend all their time in the store watching people do ridiculous things and say hideous stuff!


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