Day One

Today is the first day without your normal gremliny host, so let the pain begin!

So I guess what I really want to ask is if anyone has ever worked much candle gel as far as making better and more comfortable mouse pads?  We (for the purposes herein “we” constitutes clockworkgremlin, Milli and myself) have!  It turns out that ergonomically speaking, one of the best shapes to rest your wrist on while surfing the interwebs is that of two, soft but supportive spheroids supporting the wrist on either side.  If you haven’t got the mental picture yet, we have put together that it strongly resembles upper female anatomy if you get my drift.

So we set out to make some for our own comfort and to see what kind of mischief we could get up to.  Also, it’s really funny to tell other people you made breasts over the weekend.

First, we knew we had to find an appropriate mold.  Not so hard as such things go, but not very easy to locate locally.  We did end up making a trip to our local Hobby Lobby (kind of like a Michael’s or a Joanne’s or whatever you have wherever you are) and picked up several likely-shaped candidates.

Second, we knew that, unaltered, the molds would stick to the candle gel and make getting them out in one piece difficult, if not impossible.  We had a latex coat kit (from the interwebs) and coated two of our vessels as per the instructions and used a silicone coat kit (also from the interwebs and also as listed in their instructions) to coat the other two molds.[Gremlin Edit: I bought both mold kits at Hobby Lobby.][Cupcake Edit:  Semantics!!!]

Third, we melted the candle gel in an expendable pot and poured them into the waiting containers.  Tired of waiting for them to cool, we shoved them in the freezer.  Once they were finished, they were the perfect consistency.  The latex molds initially yielded the perfect shape, but as they continued to cool the latex coating became loose, leaving a wrinkly texture to the finished product that was incredibly visually unappealing.  The silicone coating was initially more difficult to remove from the mold, but the finished product did not have the disturbing loose skin that the latex coating boasted.

All in all, we learned much more than most know about making boobs that day.

On another note, one of the finished products disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.  We can only assume it is in the shadows, biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. If you’re wondering how we “knew” that candle gel would stick to hemisphere molds, I have a hemisphere mold with candle gel bonded to the inside.

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